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Adalberto Costa Júnior criticizes the international community that turns a blind eye to human rights in Angola

The UNITA president accused the international community of turning a blind eye to human rights and democracy to defend its interests in Angola.


“What happened in Angola was not just voting at the ballot box, there was manipulation, there were also international interests here, which often silence the voices of those countries that say: democracy for my country, for there, for others, they who are manage, as long as they give me the mines, give me oil, give me what I want, I close my eyes to human rights”, said Adalberto Costa Júnior at a rally to celebrate the 57 years of existence of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA).

The UNITA leader presided over, in the municipality of Viana, the central act commemorating the 57th anniversary of the party's founding, which took place under the motto “UNITA – 57 For an Independent Democratic and Developed Angola”.

Adalberto Costa Júnior asked the international community to “help a little more”, thanking the role of many ambassadors, “who have gained courage in recent times”. “But the countries, behind, have to have a little more values, ethics in politics, or this world full of problems will hardly be conquered in a better phase”, he said.

Adalberto Costa Júnior expressed concern about young people who are leaving the country in search of better living conditions abroad.

Angola independent for 48 years and "full of potential", continued Adalberto Costa Júnior, despite the decades of war, cannot continue to accept "the excuses of time, that war justifies today's poverty". “Do you accept these kinds of excuses today? That the youth flee Angola and it can be said that it is the fault of the war? They think it was the war (…) they think it is the war that justifies the aggression of civic activists”, he questioned.

“And there are many, there are activists, musicians, professionals of all kinds of specializations, so far the magistrates, we are hearing, a large number of magistrates of the first and second instance, are giving up and prefer to go to work on the works outside , is this acceptable?” he asked.

Adalberto Costa Júnior said that UNITA has done everything for the country, "which shows some dismay", to help, contribute, "to a better Angola", recognizing the dynamics of the party's parliamentary group, which has taken to the table of the National Assembly " national concerns, the defense of its people, the defense of human rights”, the latter one of the issues that most concerns the party.

For the UNITA leader, the country has "many reasons" to be "disheartened", referring, for example, to the crisis that has affected Angolan justice in recent times.

“We look at the country and the examples that come up are sad, they are even shameful. When you have the hierarchy of justice institutions in the mud, it doesn't make anyone proud, and it's a clear indicator of the difficulties and problems we have, "he pointed out.

The president of UNITA considered that the model of simplified contracting, which “became the norm”, is “corruption, high corruption. The most active form of corruption is the lack of public tenders and elections for today is everyday practice”, said Adalberto Costa Júnior.

The leader of the second largest political party in the country said that there is money “to avoid extreme poverty”, denouncing cases of suicides in the country’s provinces “where many fathers commit suicide and kill their children due to extreme hunger, because they cannot bear the suffering, stomach pain, seeing the suffering of their children and hanging their children and committing suicide, in provinces of extreme wealth”.

"I will end by saying, count on us, we are ready to serve you, and UNITA, that instrument that is symbolically celebrating its 57 years here today, is doing well and is recommended", he stressed.

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