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Carlos de São Vicente admits to challenging in court the withdrawal of Standard Bank

Portuguese-Angolan businessman Carlos de São Vicente and his son, Ivo São Vicente, will follow “closely” the Standard Bank general meeting, and promise to go to the courts to ensure their rights, according to a note sent to Lusa.


Standard Bank Angola convened for March 29 an extraordinary general meeting that includes on the agenda the renewal of the dismissal of the two non-executive directors, with just cause, invoking "incapacity due to impediment and lack of suitability".

In the case of Carlos São Vicente, detained since September in Luanda on suspicion of economic and financial crimes, he also joins the grounds to renew the previous decision, taken at the extraordinary general meeting of 28 December 2020, the physical impossibility.

"As a shareholder of Standard Bank de Angola, AAA Activos, Lda., The resigning directors will closely monitor the next general meeting and, if it is confirmed that the resolutions that may be adopted at that headquarters continue to suffer from vices of the previous ones, they admit to resorting to all the legal and judicial means they have to defend their legitimate rights and interests, both in Angolan and international bodies ", reads a statement from AAA Internacional sent to the Lusa agency.

The document states that the GA scheduled for 29 March "brings nothing new and only aims to remedy several defects" of the deliberations approved at the previous major meeting.

Among these is the proposal to remove Carlos São Vicente and his son Ivo São Vicente from the position of non-executive directors, and their replacement, by Patrício Vilar, President of IGAPE, faithful depositary of the shareholding held by AAA Activos, Lda. In the capital stock of Standard Bank de Angola, and Silvano Honório Campos Araújo, advisor to the Board of Directors of the Credit Guarantee Fund.

Carlos de São Vicente's participation in the Standard Bank Angola shareholder structure, in which the entrepreneur, through AAA Activos, held 49 percent, passed to the State Assets and Participations Management Institute (IGAPE) after the entrepreneur was arrested and accused of corruption and fraud.

For AAA International, the realization of a new GA is an "express and complete acknowledgment, on the part of the bank", that the previous general meeting "is riddled with a panoply of defects, generating the nullity of the deliberations approved there" , which have already been invoked by the shareholder AAA Activos, Lda., before the courts.

In the statement it is also noted that the replacement of Carlos de São Vicente in the administration of Standard Bank takes place at a time when the businessman remains detained, in the Viana jail, in Luanda, serving preventive detention for 6 months, without having been deducted. accusation "in a Dantesque violation of the most elementary procedural guarantees that every citizen enjoys under a democratic rule of law".

The dismissal of Carlos de São Vicente and his son came after an investigation involving a bank account of the businessman in Switzerland, frozen in the meantime, with about 900 million dollars.

Between 2000 and 2016, Carlos São Vicente was Risk Management director of the state oil company and chairman of the Board of Directors of AAA Seguros - a company of which Sonangol was initially the only shareholder.

According to the court, the businessman is said to have carried out "a scheme for the illegal appropriation of shareholdings" of the insurer and for "income and profits produced by the system" of insurance and reinsurance in the oil sector in Angola. Ivo São Vicente was also made defendant.