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Angolan Pascoal António Joaquim inducted into the African Union

The Angolan prosecutor Pascoal António Joaquim was sworn in Monday as a member of the African Union Advisory Council on Corruption. About the inauguration, the prosecutor said he was satisfied with this election.


Speaking to Jornal de Angola, Pascoal António Joaquim also stressed that the council of which he will be part aims to alert the member states of the African Union to strengthen the fight against corruption, classifying it as "a social evil that brings underdevelopment and poverty.

The Angolan took office during the 38th session of the African Union, which is being held in Ethiopia.

Pascoal António Joaquim has been a magistrate of the Public Ministry for more than 40 years. The Angolan has the rank of Prosecutor General and works at the Supreme Court, where he is the coordinator of the ministry in the Criminal Chamber. He is also a member of the Superior Council of the Magistrature of the Public Ministry.

Abroad, he is part of the Great Lakes Regional Committee and of the Great Lakes Judicial Cooperation Network.