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Sonangol expects Angola to start producing renewable energy as of 2022

Angola can count on the first renewable energy production as of 2022, the administration of the state-owned oil company Sonangol announced Friday, assuring that work is already underway in partnership with Eni and Total.

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The information was provided by the chairman of the board of directors of Sonangol, Sebastião Gaspar Martins, stating that the oil company remains focused on its nuclear activity and is already preparing for the production of renewable energy.

According to Gaspar Martins, actions are already underway for the oil company's migration to an energy company, noting that Sonangol's partners, namely the Italian Eni and the French Total are already doing this migration with projects in some Angolan provinces.

"Specifically we are with Eni in Caraculo, in the Namibe province, which is a renewable energy project, a photovoltaic for about 25 megawatts in a first phase and another 25 megawatts in the second phase," said Sebastião Gaspar Martins.

On the sidelines of the "Forum on Business Opportunities in Angola in the Mining, Oil and Gas fields," directed at the diplomatic corps accredited in Angola, the president of Sonangol noted that the province of Huila also has a project of this kind.

The project for the production of renewable energy in the municipality of Quilemba, Huíla province, with initial capacity for 37 megawatts and which should evolve to 80 megawatts is being supervised by Total.

"The Caraculo and Quilemba projects, if everything goes according to what we are forecasting, in 2022 we will have the first renewable energy production", the president of Sonangol pointed out.

Sebastião Gaspar Martins also revealed that Sonangol will install a research center in Kwanza Sul province, aiming at the production of hydrogen, whose preliminary researches are being developed in cooperation with Germany.

To foreign investors, the administration of state-owned Sonangol reiterated its "firm commitment" to its core business, the exploration, production, refining and commercialization of oil and gas.

"In those areas where we do not have nuclear activity we are in a phase of disinvestment as in the banking sector, service provision, in real estate, hotels, and others," he concluded.