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Brazilian police detain Angolan at São Paulo airport for drug trafficking

The Brazilian police reported that they have detained an Angolan man, who entered the country through a refugee request, after he was found with 15 kilograms of cocaine at Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo.

: Lusa

The detention of the Angolan citizen occurred on Thursday, when he was in the check-in line of a flight to Ethiopia.

According to the police authorities, the Angolan's bags contained eight shampoo containers with cocaine inside.

"The suspect was taken to the police station and received a voice of arrest after the expert examinations resulted positive for cocaine drug, whose weight totaled almost 15 kilograms," said the note from the PF.

Still in the fight against drug trafficking, on Sunday, through a joint action between the authorities of Brazil, France and the Netherlands, in addition to Europol, about six tons of cocaine were seized near the African coast.

The drug, which foreign authorities consider a record seizure, was on board a 105-meter-long ship that left the Brazilian coast, from where its movement with the illicit cargo was monitored, the Brazilian Federal Police (PF) said in a statement.

In addition to the PF, the French and Brazilian navies, the police and customs authorities of France and the Netherlands, in addition to the Maritime Analysis and Operations Center-Narcotics (MAOC-N) and Europol also participated in the action.

"International cooperation is one of the Federal Police's guidelines in the fight against drug and arms trafficking and criminal factions, along with decapitalization, through money laundering investigations, and the arrest of criminal group leaders," the PF added in the note.

Another action, carried out on Sunday night, resulted in the arrest of a passenger, a national of the Republic of Congo, who was carrying 56 bottles of deodorant containing almost six kilograms of cocaine inside.

The man, 40 years old, had already been arrested and prosecuted for the same crime in 2014, when he tried to board with cocaine hidden in other objects, detailed the Brazilian corporation.

The detainees will be presented to the Federal Justice, where they will answer for the crime of international drug trafficking.