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Overcrowded chains receive between 90 and 100 detainees per day

Prisons receive a daily average of 90 to 100 individuals, causing an excess of prison population, currently with 4,000 prisoners above installed capacity, said the prison services spokesman.


Menezes Cassoma, who spoke as part of the celebration of the 42 years of Penitentiary Services, said that "overcrowding is the element that affects any prison management".

According to the official, the issue of overcrowding is what most afflicts the system at this moment, especially with regard to the structures themselves.

"The establishments that are small, considering the number of prisoners we have. The prison system understands that this problem of overcrowding can be solved in the short, medium, long term", Menezes Cassoma, in statements to the radio.

As a short-term measure, the Prison Services consider transferring prisoners to prison facilities where there is space, and in the medium term by transforming preventive prisoners to convicts.

"Because those, once convicted, can easily be transferred to the establishments where we have space, where they can be better rehabilitated, and in the long term the completion of the ten establishments that are under construction," he said.

The official stressed that at the system level there are minimum conditions for hospitalization, however, the daily average of hospitalization, which ranges from 90 to 100 inmates, causes constraints to the system.
According to Menezes Cassoma, the number of prisoners leaving, around 50 and 80 individuals, contributes to the increase in the prison population.

"It means that we always have a number of 10 to 20 more inmates, which is causing these numbers to increase from time to time," said Menezes Cassoma, stressing that in direct coordination with the organs of the administration of justice, they have carried out meetings to speed up the processes.