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Fortaleza Seguros' new insurance extends assistance to Portugal

Fortaleza Seguros has created a health insurance policy that aims to extend its assistance to Portugal, thus allowing "Angolans access to the largest network of health service providers in Angola and Portugal.


The insurance, called 'Cuida', "is the most recent creation of fortaleza seguros" and has innovative services. In a statement sent to VerAngola, the insurer makes it known that the insurance will cover "24/7 tele- and video-consultations and home assistance in Angola".

According to the note, this new proposal is aimed at "national or resident private clients, from 0 to 65 years of age and business clients with tax activity in Angola, who want to take care of and value their employees with coverage, benefits and capital that ensure the best medical care and services available on the market.

Fortaleza Seguros also states that companies have the possibility to adapt the insurance according to the specific needs of the industry, company and their budget.

The insurance 'Cuida' offers three different levels of protection: Base, Plus, and Extra.

All levels have "access to the 'Cuida' network of clinics, hospitals and other health providers in Angola and Portugal, evacuation and repatriation and tele- and video-consultations," the statement said.

The Mais level has other advantages, including "birth coverage," and the Extra level provides "home care, psychology, psychiatry, stomatology, nutrition and vaccination consultations.

The insurer says in a statement that it believes "that having access to a network of reference health providers and services available 24 hours a day is increasingly essential" so that it is possible to "improve the future and the living conditions of Angolan families.

Fortaleza Seguros explains that this insurance already includes the "number of innovative solutions" that the insurer makes available to its clients. The insurance "has health services designed for the real challenges of Angolans, including a telephone customer support line, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that the health of our clients is always a priority," the note states.

Clients interested in joining can go to any Millennium Atlântico Bank branch, contact Fortaleza Seguros, or "subscribe remotely, without having to go anywhere, by filling out a form and sending it to".

Learn more about 'Cuida' insurance here.