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Sport tries to 'dribble' covid-19. 1.º de Agosto basket trains via WhatsApp

With sports activities stopped in the country, it is necessary to draw on the imagination to continue to maintain the performance and motivation of the players. That was exactly what Walter Costa, coach of the first basketball team of the 1st of August, did, who has controlled the training via WhatsApp.


Covid-19 paralyzed Angola for two weeks and the world of sport was no exception. With competitions on hold, the coach of 1º de Agosto did not want to see his players procrastinate, declaring “mandatory” the use of WhatsApp as a means of controlling individual work.

Thus, basketball players have a daily program established by the coach, and success is determined by each one, depending on their own responsibility.

Before the stoppage period, ordered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as a way to prevent the epidemic, the 1st of August - vice champion in title - occupied the second position of the senior men's basketball championship, with 44 points. Petro de Luanda leads the competition with 49 points.

According to Angop, coaches from other sports will also have elaborated domestic training plans as a way to minimize the physical breakdown of athletes' stops.

An example of this is the coach of Cuando Cubango FC, Albano César. The person responsible for Girabola's 14th place ranked a specific work plan for the team, to be fulfilled while the interruption lasts.

The same technical guidance was given by João Pintar, who guides the destinations of Ferroviário do Huambo (14th classified).