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BNI suspends credit payments in March and April

Banco de Negócios Internacional (BNI) will make available to its private customers, who have past due credit installments, a moratorium on the payment of tranches related to the months of March and April of this year.


A moratorium consists of suspending a payment for a certain period of time.

The information was advanced by the bank itself, in a statement sent to VerAngola. According to the document, "in these two months the payment of the principal and interest on the corresponding credit installments is suspended".

The bank also informs that this campaign covers private customers with credit in good standing and comes into force on Sunday, March 29.

According to the BNI administration, these measures are "taking into account the situation that the country is experiencing, caused by the pandemic Covid-19, which has forced an additional effort for families in the acquisition of food and medicines".

The banking institution is thus committed to "contributing to minimize the impact of the situation", referring to having approved these measures "proactively".

For more information, bank customers should contact the BNI Contact Center at 222 632 900/1, by e-mail or from the counter in their area of ​​residence.