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Beverage brands are the most present in the lives of Angolans. Cuca leads the national table

Conclusions of a consumer study indicate that, in relation to exclusively national brands, beverage brands are the most relevant for national consumers, with the podium being led by Cuca.

: Facebook Cerveja Cuca
Facebook Cerveja Cuca  

Nocal and Eka are also part of the top 3 of the most referenced exclusively national brands.

"When the analysis moves to the dimension of exclusively national brands, beverage brands are the ones with the most relevance: Cuca, Nocal and Eka emerge as the most referenced brands followed by Pura, Blue, Coca-Cola and Booster, representing 53 percent of the Top 20 referenced brands", says a statement from Superbrands, sent to VerAngola.

Brands linked to the areas of technology, distribution, food and banking are also among the most referenced areas, the note advances.

Leaving the dimension of exclusively national brands and analyzing the general calculation, it was found that in the "top 20 of references, fashion, technology and beverage brands emerge as the most mentioned generically by the population, with 79 percent of references".

According to the study, overall the top 3 is led by Nike, followed by Adidas and Samsung.

"Within the scope of spontaneous references in the top 20, it is worth highlighting the high reference to international brands linked to the world of fashion, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Lacoste and Zara. Still within the top 20, it is possible to find several other brands with a relevant and effective presence in the local market, as is the case of Coca-Cola, Toyota, Cuca, Pura and Unitel", adds the note.

Another relevant aspect regarding the study concerns the analysis by age group and social stratum.

The conclusions indicate that "in the top 10+ of these analyses, the relevant brands are transversal to all ages" with Nike, Adidas and Samsung appearing with "high references in all age groups, and Coca-Cola standing out in four age groups (with the exception of the 15 to 19 age group)".

Regarding the social stratum, "there is also a common pattern to all age groups, with fashion in the top 3 of generic references and drinks in the top 3 of national references".

According to Pedro Diogo Vaz, Senior Partner at Superbrands Angola, this analysis makes it possible to perceive three relevant aspects. "First, that, contrary to what happens in many other markets, the high percentage of the population at a young age, makes the market very "standard", without major differences in terms of age groups or economic stratum. The relevance given by the population to the areas of fashion, technology and beverages, allows us to understand that they are attractive areas for companies, but already highly competitive. Finally, like other markets, technology and telecommunications are highly valued as areas of great relevance in terms of social changes, accompanying the social changes that the world in general is experiencing", he said, quoted in the statement.

The study was carried out by Keyresearch in 18 sampling points in Luanda, with a sample of 1045 respondents.

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