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Engineer creates application that helps people with disabilities to use any electronic device

Engineer Patrícia Aline Porfírio Silvestre created an application that helps people with disabilities to use electronic devices. With the project still under development, the engineer believes that it will “improve the lives of people with disabilities” in the country.


Using this software, people with disabilities – such as the blind – will be able to use any computer or electronic device via voice command.

The program "will improve the lives of people with disabilities", said the creator, speaking to Jornal de Angola.

However, the engineer did not want to dwell too much on the project, as she "continues to improve the idea, with the project in development".

However, this is not the first software she has developed: her curriculum also includes the creation of an application that detects plagiarism. This project was developed while she was a teacher at a college in Luanda.

Her interest in the world of engineering was born under the influence of her father. Patrícia Silvestre tried to get a degree in Mining Engineering, like her father, but she didn't get a place at the Faculty of Engineering at Universidade Agostinho Neto, writes Jornal de Angola.

With the high school Chemistry completed and seduced by the world of computer technology, the engineer decided to graduate in Computer Engineering: she first attended the Lusíada University of Angola, and later requested a transfer to the Catholic University of Angola.

According to the engineer, quoted by Jornal de Angola, the ideas to develop technological solutions started even before she finished her high school chemistry. And that's how the idea for the development of an application to help people with disabilities came about.

About her first job, as a teacher at a school in Luanda, Patrícia said that she encouraged her students to use the Internet as a source of research and not just to copy and paste information. And so came the creation of a tool to detect plagiarism.

The application was used only by Patrícia with her classes: "I was naive. I thought only of myself, of my needs, and left my colleagues aside", acknowledged Patrícia Silvestre, indicating that she keeps the application to this day.

In 2009 she left school because she managed to get into the National Institute of Statistics.

In addition, she also embarked on the world of entrepreneurship, having created, six years ago, with her husband, a company dedicated to events and wardware and software technologies that produces programs, websites, among others.

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