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Coffee exports earned the country more than a million dollars in 2020

The exportation of coffee, last year, earned the country more than a million dollars. Bonifácio Francisco, director of the National Coffee Institute (Inca), said that Portugal, Spain and Lebanon are the main buyers of coffee 'made in Angola'.

Nile Sprague:

Data from the institute indicate that a total of 27,701 60-kilo bags of green coffee (equivalent to 1662 tons) were exported in 2020.

The figures also reveal that the production of commercial coffee was fixed at 5570 tons of Robusta coffee and 480 of Arabica, for a total of 6050 tons.

Cited by Valor Económico, the director of Inca indicated that in terms of production, the list is led by the provinces of Uige and Kwanza Sul, which represent 45.7 percent and 41.7 percent of coffee production, respectively.

In view of the figures, Bonifácio Francisco said that next Friday, February 19, Inca plans to launch an initiative to set up Arabica coffee seed production and multiplication centers in the municipalities of Kassongue, in Kwanza Sul, and Kaluquembe, in Huila. This project comes after in 2020 the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries distributed 160,920 Arabica coffee seedlings in Huambo and Bié.

Promising results in cocoa production

The responsible also made known that Inca is leading a process of re-launching cocoa production.

The director of the institute explained that Cabinda continues to be the center of cocoa production and that laboratory analyses of the production have already been performed. The results were promising and therefore it will be to continue with production, he indicated.

Inca also carried out adaptability studies in Uige, Bengo and Kwanza Norte, aiming at cocoa production in these provinces.