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Ipanema Mar Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

: Luanda Nightlife
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Ipanema Mar Restaurant & Rooftop Bar is one of the newest restaurants in Ilha do Cabo, Luanda. With a space that transmits joy, this restaurant is ideal for those who like to try dishes from international cuisines.

The Ipanema Mar Restaurant & Rooftop Bar has two floors: on the first floor there is a room, called Executive Room, and on the second floor there is a covered terrace. The Executive Room, with stone walls, conveys a tavern atmosphere, while the terrace overlooks the sea.

The menu consists of dishes from different cuisines. Here you will find American, Brazilian, and Angolan cuisine.

If you are a cocktail lover, the Ipanema is the ideal place for you. Besides cocktails, the restaurant also has wines and beers available.

To learn more, check out the restaurant's website.