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FLEC announces "end of relations and contacts" with the Presidency and the Portuguese Government

The Cabinda State Liberation Front (FLEC), north of the country, announced this Monday the end of "relations and contacts" with the Presidency and the Portuguese Government for "intentionally ignoring the martyred people of Cabinda".


In a statement made public this Monday, FLEC congratulates Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on his victory at the Presidential, refusing, however, to "be an accomplice of a hypocrisy that has persisted since 1975" and therefore announcing the "cutting off of all relations and contacts with these entities".

FLEC, through its "armed armada", the Cabindan Armed Forces (FAC), fights for independence in the territory claiming that the enclave was a Portuguese protectorate, as established in the Treaty of Simulambuco, signed in 1885, and not an integral part of Angolan territory.

The military political leadership of the FLEC/FAC recalls, the communiqué states, that the various Presidents of the Portuguese Republic and their respective governments "have intentionally always ignored the martyred people of Cabinda and the successes of this organization and Cabindan civil society appeals.

The "various Presidents of the Republic and Portuguese governments only established contacts and commitments with FLEC/FAC when the interest was exclusively from Portugal".

FLEC also regretted that Portugal has never condemned Angola "for the uninterrupted human rights violations in Cabinda" and has supported "the three leaders of the Republic of Angola since 1975".

The end of relations with the Presidency and the Government of Portugal, noted in the communiqué signed by Jean Claude Nzita, FLEC's spokesman and international relations officer, does not extend to the Portuguese population and local non-governmental organizations.

"The FLEC/FAC military political leadership cuts off all relations with the Portuguese Presidency and the Portuguese government, but remains open to the Portuguese population and to non-governmental organizations that have always shown solidarity with the people of Cabinda," reads the communiqué.

This organization, which also announces the suspension of all its representatives in Portugal, as of this Monday, also reaffirms in the document "the honor of Cabinda and its people to share a common past and historical heritage with Portugal.

Created in 1963, the independence organization was divided and multiplied into different, ephemeral factions, with FLEC/FAC remaining the only movement claiming to maintain an "armed resistance" against the Luanda administration.

More than half of Angola's oil, the country's largest source of revenue, comes from Cabinda.


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