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FLEC-FAC announces amnesty for ex-combatants of the armed forces and police

The political leadership of the Liberation Front of the State of Cabinda - Armed Forces of Cabinda (FLEC-FAC) announced this Monday the application of amnesty for all ex-combatants who are part of the Angolan Armed Forces and police.

: Lusa

In a statement sent to Lusa news agency on Monday, it was said that administrative officials and former civilian members of Cabindan nationalist organizations are also covered.

"All former combatants and Cabindan civilians who for various reasons chose to abandon the struggle for the Cabindan cause and integrate or collaborate with institutions, public and private organizations, in Cabinda, Angola and abroad, as well as in the Angolan Armed Forces and police, are covered by the Amnesty," reads the statement.

The document stresses that the reintegration of all those covered by the amnesty will occur anonymously, "if the person concerned so wishes.

"The statement said that "all those who are members of the MPLA [Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola] or structures of the Angolan government and wish to integrate or reintegrate anonymously into FLEC-FAC are also covered by this amnesty.

FLEC, through its "armed wing", the FAC, is fighting for the independence of that province, claiming that the enclave was a Portuguese protectorate, as established in the Treaty of Simulambuco, signed in 1885, and not an integral part of Angolan territory.

The Cabinda oil province, in the north of the country, is bordered by the Republic of Congo, to the east and south by the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean.