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The list of candidates drawn for the purchase of housing in Zango 5 is already known

This Thursday morning, at the Instituto Geográfico e Cadastral de Angola (IGCA), the lottery for the acquisition of houses in Centralidade do Zango 5 took place. The list of eligible candidates is already known.


There were 157,431 candidates applying for 2309 houses out of a total of almost 8,000 built in this centrality of Luanda.

The seven drawings were carried out using a computer algorithm, which obeyed the application criteria. The software was developed by Angolan technicians and the code assigned to each candidate at the time of registration was drawn by lot.

All national citizens had the opportunity to apply for a Zango 5 home. Apartments, detached houses and semi-detached houses were raffled for urban rent, soluble rent and prompt payment.

The province with the highest number of applications was Luanda - specifically the municipality of Viana - followed by Uíge and Cabinda. Cunene and Namibe had the lowest number of applications. Abroad, almost 6000 Angolans formalized their candidacy from Portugal. Imogestin received applications from Angolans in countries such as Italy, United Kingdom, Holland, Cuba, UAE, Ukraine, Singapore, USA, Turkey, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Morocco, Japan, among others.

The draw was accompanied by a multidisciplinary group coordinated by the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Housing, in cooperation with the Game Supervision Institute.

The candidates in this draw will receive a text message informing them that they will continue in the process to acquire a house in centrality within 72 hours. They will then have to hand in their last pay slips and proceed to a phase of face-to-face interviews.

After this draw, the applications will lose their effect and will not be valid for the sale of residences in other centralities. There may be a playoff for the Zango 5 Centrality if inconsistencies are detected in the raffled applications, which will lead to their exclusion.

Ana Paula de Carvalho, Minister of Spatial Planning and Housing, took the opportunity to announce a new housing contest, this time in Caála, Huambo province.

The results of the draw can be found in the links below:

3 Bedroom Apartments - Urban Rental

Apartment T3 - Soluble Property

Germinated Villas T3 - Urban Rentals

Isolated Villas T3 - Urban Rentals

Isolated houses T3 - Ready to pay

Germinated Villas T3 - Soluble Property

T3 Isolated Villas - Soluble Property


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