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Court wants to know if 500 million refund was by agreement or coercive

The judge of the '500 million' case, involving the State, scheduled a new hearing for March 10, due to the lack of important documents for the discovery of “the truth”, namely if the recovery of the value was consensual or coercive.


João da Cruz Pitra ordered the notary to take a new step with the Ministry of Finance to add to the file the dossier related to the recovery of values ​​related to the process “for appearing of greater relevance” for the “discovery of the material truth”.

The request refers to the dossier for recovery of the 500 million dollars by the State, in order to ascertain whether the reversal of that amount would have been by consensus or judicial, that is, in the latter case coercive, considering the court that this document it is fundamental for decision making.

Another requirement of the Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the bank Credit Suisse to assess the falsity, or not, of the bank guarantee, was considered by the defense as a delaying maneuver.

The Supreme Court began on 9 December 2019 to try Valter Filipe, former governor of the National Bank of Angola (BNA), and the then director of the BNA's reserve management department, António Samalia Bule for fraudulent crimes for defrauding, money laundering and embezzlement.

José Filomeno ‘Zenu’ dos Santos, former president of the Sovereign Fund of Angola, and Angolan businessman Jorge Gaudens Sebastião, are also accused in this process, for the crimes of fraud by fraud, money laundering and influence peddling.

The basis of this case is an alleged improper transfer of US $ 500 million from the Angolan State to a bank abroad, resulting from a proposal presented in 2017 by defendant Jorge Gaudens Sebastião to the State.

The objective of that financial operation was allegedly to create a strategic investment fund for the country, which would raise US $ 30 billion to promote structural projects.


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