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Education: public competition registers 5525 positive results to fill 855 vacancies

The Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL) released, this Friday, the final results of the public competition for external entry for teachers in the province of Luanda, for which registration began in September 2023 and had a total of 855 places available. According to Philomene Carlos, director of the Provincial Education Office of Luanda – who presented the data at a press conference –, of the 19,906 candidates who took the exam, 5525 were positive.

: Lusa

"Since the 26th of September, the opening of the public competition in Luanda province, we have had a total of 47,627 registered candidates, of which 25,074 candidates were validated for the exam. Of the 25,074 candidates for exams, 19,906 candidates were present. Of these, 19,906 candidates were found the number of 5525 positives and 14,381 negatives", informed the person in charge.

On the occasion, Philomene Carlos recalled that the public competition for the capital "had a total of 855 places, 728 for primary education and first cycle and 127 for the second cycle in Luanda, exceptionally this number of places for the second cycle concerned to the technical, technological and practical components chairs".

Thus, she explained that the admission of candidates was based on the highest grade criterion. In other words, the first candidate with the highest score took first place and so on until the total number of vacancies was filled. "To say that this admission, due to the number of vacancies that Luanda had, followed the highest grade criteria until covering the total number of vacancies per subject, which means that the first candidate with the highest grade occupied first place and we occupied the number of vacancies according to the candidates' grades".

Regarding the complaints phase, the person in charge said that they responded to 3855 complaints, of which "37 were complaints that changed the status of the candidates, and today, as per guidance from the Ministry of Education itself, was the deadline for publication of admitted candidates, 855 candidates".

According to the director of the Provincial Education Office of Luanda, "511 candidates with disabilities" also participated in the competition, "47 of which were positive and 19 candidates with disabilities were admitted".

Regarding the remaining positives, the person responsible clarified that "when any public competition is opened, the salary fund that comprises that competition is taken into account". For the capital, the salary fund corresponded to 855 vacancies, she added, adding that "other candidates, in principle, will have to compete in the new competition when it opens".

Regarding the municipality that received the largest number of teachers admitted, the person in charge said that "the municipality that at the time had the largest number of vacancies was the municipality of Quiçama and the vacancies in the municipality of Quiçama were all filled with candidates from this municipality".

According to the GPL - in a statement to which VerAngola had access -, admitted candidates "must go to the Mutu-ya-Kevela Magisterium to complete the individual processes, from the 8th to the 24th of January, and the guides must be delivered to from February 26th, to be presented to the respective municipalities".


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