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Death of 28-year-old generates revolt and vandalism in Luanda

A 28-year-old young man was shot in Luanda by the police, generating revolt among the people, who tried to invade a police station, vandalized vehicles and put burning tires on the road, said a police source.


Several videos circulated on social media reveal the chaos that took place for a few hours on Via Expressa, one of the main accesses to Luanda, with barricades of burning tires and a bus vandalized, after the police intervention that resulted in the death of the young man.

According to the spokesman for the Luanda Provincial Command, Nestor Goubel it all started around 5:00 pm this Sunday, with a disagreement between two motorcycle taxi drivers after a collision, near the Mutamba stop, and police intervention was requested to settle the conflict. .

"Our personnel are there daily to fight street vending in the Mutamba area and they went to the citizens to reach an understanding and avoid attacking, one of the elements did not accept it and, in the presence of the police, slapped in the other, which generated some confusion", he explained.

To disperse people, the police fired shots into the air, one of which - according to Nestor Goubel - ricocheted off a piece of concrete and fatally hit one of the 28-year-old motorcycle taxi drivers.
Tempers rose and a group of young people went to the police station, trying to set fire to the building with a can of fuel, vandalizing vehicles, including a public transport bus, whose windows were broken, and making barricades with burning tires on the road. .

These acts also resulted in the arrest of a 32-year-old man, found in possession of the fuel canister used in an attempt to vandalize the police station, said the police official, noting that these data are still preliminary.

Police reinforcements made it possible to control the situation and disperse people who were trying to vandalize the police station.

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