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UNITA concerned about the “radicalization tendency” of the speech of “high figures” of the State

UNITA says it notes “with concern” some “tendency towards radicalization” of the speech by “high figures of the Angolan State and the ruling party”, with an “intimidating and arrogant tone” instead of permanent dialogue and consultation.


According to the secretary general of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Álvaro Chicuamanga, the aforementioned speeches "hide weaknesses of public institutions and of some individuals in the management and approach of complex situations and a climate of tension".

"It is in the general domain that the Angolan populations live in dramatic and precarious economic and social situations. Citizens lack a little bit of everything, especially those from the poorest strata", said the UNITA politician, in Luanda.

For Chicuamanga, who was speaking at a press conference, the economic and social rights of citizens "are blocked" due to the existence of hunger, lack of drinking water, electricity and access roads".

"Purchasing power has dropped, medicines are very expensive, at a time when tropical diseases are multiplying, with no control in sight, employment is scarce every day, because companies are going bankrupt every day", he pointed out.

The trend of "rising of the accusatory/inflammatory discourse" in the pre-electoral campaign period and the way in which the unofficial electoral registration takes place constituted the two axes of the communication of the Secretary-General of UNITA.

The UNITA politician also criticized the "serious mobility problems" that are registered in Luanda, considering that the State "has failed to solve the problem of public transport".

"There is no right to contradictory. Public television occupies privileged spaces with commentators and analysts who only benefit the ruling party. They attack and expose activists, contesting youth and opposition parties publicly condemn them (...)", he shot. .

The media "became an instrument of political activism in favor of the ruling party".

"These are the problems that the Government must face with courage and not go by the side and choose to build scapegoats. The arbitrary arrests of young activists do not solve the problem, because the causes of their demonstrations were not properly addressed", he noted.

Álvaro Chicuamanga also defended that the executive "should not look at the concern of citizens lightly, nor should he blame third parties for the failures of his policies, nor choose to create a climate of fear as a way of limiting freedoms".

"This does not solve the problem, on the contrary, it exacerbates social tension", he observed, defending "permanent dialogue and consultation between citizens and those who today have the responsibility to govern us".

Regarding the unofficial electoral registration, which began in Angola last September and abroad this January 2022, with a view to the general elections next August, "several weaknesses and delays" were pointed out in the process.

Increasing and supporting the awareness campaign on official electoral registration, improving and diversifying the means and methods of civic education for voting and better monitoring the employees of the Single Service Desks were some of the UNITA politician's recommendations.

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