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Chivukuvuku: PRA-JA "is the pretty girl with whom everyone wants to dance"

PRA-JA Servir Angola, Abel Chivukuvuku's political project, has become "the pretty girl with whom everyone wants to dance," says the politician, who has yet to decide on the movement he will lead to run in the 2022 general elections.


In statements to Lusa, Abel Chivukuvuku confirmed that he has been approached by several parties, promising decisions during this semester, which could include being the head of an existing party force, or the PRA-JA (Partido do Renascimento Angola - Juntos por Angola), whose transformation into a party was successively "rejected by the Constitutional Court (TC).

For the time being, "litigation in the court continues," he said, explaining that a cassation process has been referred to the Supreme Court to consider the TC ruling illegitimate, which, in early December, definitively "failed" the PRA-JA, for allegedly not meeting the requirements for the legalization of a party.

With this decision, taken after the fourth appeal filed by the commission installing the political formation, the TC also made it impossible for the mentor of PRA-JA or another of those involved in this project to create a party in the next four years, but Chivukuvuku may run for affiliation with another political denomination.

"We are in talks with a lot of people, at the moment [PRA-JA] is the pretty girl in the neighborhood that everyone wants to dance with," said Chivukuvuku, adding that he has already been sought by envoys from the Bloco Democrático, UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola), a party he joined until 2012, and even CASA-CE, a coalition he founded and led until 2019, when he was removed for alleged "breach of trust.

The Bloco Democrático is one of the six parties that make up CASA-CE (Convergência Ampla de Salvação de Angola - Coigação Eleitoral), but it is expected to be formally separated in 2021 and a New Bloco Democrático will emerge.

Abel Chivukuvuku told Lusa that the talks, which "were not the initiative of PRA-JA," are more advanced with some parties than others, particularly with the Democratic Bloc, but stressed that "it is not yet time to decide the paths.

"Everything is still open and in talks, even with UNITA," he continued, assuring that he will run for the general elections scheduled for 2022.

Having exhausted previous appeals for PRA-JA legislation, Chivukuvuku now awaits the response of the Supreme Court, which has 45 days to rule on the annulment, and the outcome of talks with other party leaders of the Angolan opposition who want to defeat the MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) in the next elections.

"I will run as head of the list for the general elections of 2022, let's see if for the PRA-JA or another movement," he stressed, referring his option to the first half of this year.


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