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UNITA prepares "broad front" for alternation of power in 2022

UNITA wants to create "a broad front" to defeat the MPLA in the 2022 general elections and has designated 2021 as "a year of patriot mobilization for alternating power".


This "strategic need" was analyzed at the III Regular Meeting of the Standing Committee of the party's Political Commission, which took place this Tuesday and was guided by its president, Adalberto Costa Júnior, according to a statement from the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola ( UNITA).

UNITA officials are also concerned about "the deterioration of the guarantees of the democratic rule of law", due to the lack of definition of the timetable for the implementation of local authorities in Angola, which were scheduled for 2020.

Therefore, they reinforce the appeal to the executive to create to implement municipalities in 2021 and simultaneously in all municipalities.

"The lack of availability of the holder of the executive branch for state reforms expresses the current regime's willingness to hold state institutions hostage for the exclusive benefit of the State Party and losses for most Angolans," the statement said.

In addition to criticizing public procurement by direct agreement, a practice that discredits President João Lourenço's fight against corruption, the Standing Committee is "uneasy" about the involvement of some members of higher courts in "acts that conflict with the law, which greatly weakens the justice system ".

Issues such as the covid-19 pandemic were also addressed, with the Standing Committee "urging the Angolan executive to guarantee a safe and effective vaccine for Angola", and the prolonged drought that is affecting the agricultural season, "which may aggravate hunger and poverty within Angolan families ".