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New Angolan ambassador delivers letters of credentials to the Guinean PR

The new Angolan ambassador to Guinea-Bissau, Mário Augusto, this Thursday delivered the letters of credentials to the Guinean President, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, and stated that he will boost cooperation relations between the two countries.


Former Minister Counselor at the Angolan Embassy in Portugal and also his country's representative in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), Mário Augusto replaces Ambassador Daniel Rosa in Bissau.

Since Rosa's appointment to Singapore in October 2020, Angola has not had an ambassador in Guinea-Bissau.

After delivering letters of credentials to the Guinean President, Mário Augusto said that from now on conditions exist to start developing cooperation between the two countries "in various domains".

Asked whether he plans to take up existing economic cooperation dossiers between the two countries, namely the project to build a deep-water port in the town of Buba, in southern Guinea-Bissau, the new Angolan ambassador replied that he was.

Mário Augusto promised to set up a joint commission that will review the projects that were in progress, but that "were paralyzed for reasons beyond the control of both parties".

On December 8, the Guinean Government, in the Council of Ministers, decided to rescind the contract for the concession of mining licenses and exploitation of existing bauxite reserves in the town of Boé, in the east of the country.

In 2007, the Government of Guinea-Bissau initialed a contract granting bauxite mining and exploitation rights to the public capital company Bauxite Angola, but which never started work on the ground.

"It is a case that we will be able to deal with a little later. Today I presented my letters of credentials. I will have time to draw up a plan for us to develop some actions within the scope of cooperation between our two countries", defended the new Angolan ambassador in Bissau.

Mário Augusto said he was aware of the decision taken by the Guinean Government, but also believes that these are matters that should be dealt with by the higher bodies of both countries, starting with the meeting of the heads of diplomacy.

Mário Augusto has a degree in Law, specializing in African International Relations and Communication.

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