Ver Angola


Laúca: ecological center starts operating next year

The ecological plant in Laúca, which has been under construction since December last year, is scheduled to start operating in the first half of 2021. Located in the municipality of Cacuso, province of Malanje, the power plant is expected to generate 65.5 megawatts of energy.


Elias Estêvão, project director for Laúca, explained that when the ecological power plant comes on stream, Laúca's energy production will increase from 2004 megawatts to 2070 megawatts.

Speaking to Angop, the director explained that once the plant is concluded, Laúca will be considered the second largest hydroelectric project on the continent. In first place is the Aswan dam in Egypt.

The ecological power plant of the Laúca hydroelectric project, which will operate with only one turbine, aims to protect the aquatic species and the environment, as well as generate auxiliary power to the Laúca dam.

The ecological power plant is part of the hydroelectric project of Laúca, which brings energy to the provinces of Luanda, Malanje, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Uíge, Zaire, Bengo, Benguela and Bié.