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Last of the six turbines of Laúca starts selling energy this Wednesday

As of this Wednesday, December 16th, the Main Plant of the Laúca Hydroelectric Power Station will be fully operational: the last turbine of the plant, which has a unit capacity of 334 megawatts (MW), will go into commercial service.


The Office of Medium Kwanza Development (GAMEK), in a statement quoted by Angop, explained that this procedure marks the increase in electricity generation capacity as part of the government's strategy.

The initiation of commercial service of the last of the six turbines that make up the plant will help to create conditions to improve economic indicators and living standards of citizens, it may also be possible to integrate this plant in the National Electricity Network.

The note also states that the Laúca Hydroelectric Dam, which began to be built in 2013, represents one of the main hydroelectric works built over the last ten years in Africa, second only to the Great Dam of the Ethiopian Renaissance.

The Laúca Hydroelectric Plant consists of a Main Plant and an Ecological Plant. The Main Plant is composed of six turbines, each with a capacity to generate 334 MW, making a total power of 2004 MW. The Ecological Power Plant has a turbine with capacity to generate 67 MW.

Besides the power plants, the dam has also created an artificial lake that adds value to the project.