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Producers and importers now have to inform about purchasing intentions

National producers and importers must inform the Government, from 2024, annually, about their input acquisition needs and intentions to purchase consumer goods.

: Facebook Ministério da Indústria e Comércio Angola
Facebook Ministério da Indústria e Comércio Angola  

This measure is expressed in Presidential Decree No. 213/23, of 30 October, consulted on Wednesday by the Lusa agency, which establishes the Legal Regime for Incentives for National Production.

The decree aims to meet the need to significantly increase national production, in order to reduce imports and diversify exports, ensuring the sustainability of the national economy.

The information must be submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, by August 15th, and contain the global forecast needs, for the next 12 months, distributed by quarter.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is responsible for creating the repository for publishing information on the need to contract the purchase of inputs and widely consumed goods of national production.

The document indicates that the import process must be preceded by consultations with the national market on the existence of the goods to be imported, stating that authorization to import is conditional on demonstrating the prior conclusion of purchase contracts for national production, the existence of initiatives that aim at direct or indirect investment or other forms of promoting national production.

The State guarantees incentives to investors who install industrial processing and processing units in Angola to produce consumer goods, and to retailers and wholesalers, especially family agricultural companies and micro and small industries.

National producers must also submit information on the prices, quantities and quality of their production on the Ministry of Industry and Commerce portal, at a frequency and format to be defined by the minister.

Public contracting entities and their contracted suppliers must give preference when purchasing to goods produced in Angola, which are only purchased from importers, after all possibilities of purchasing them from national producers have been exhausted.

Failure to comply with this guideline implies the disciplinary, administrative and financial responsibility of the highest body of the contracting public entity.

Every quarter, contracting public entities must submit a report on the acquisition of goods produced in Angola.

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