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Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visited the Ondjaki bookstore and bought books in Luanda

In an afternoon dedicated to culture in Luanda, the President of the Portuguese Republic visited writer Ondjaki's bookshop and took the opportunity to buy books, despite a problem with an ATM that did not give up.


"What is this gentleman's name? Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. And what is his name here in Angola? Uncle Celito". The dialogue was between Ondjaki and a young man, who was eager to meet Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who spent a good part of the afternoon visiting the Angolan writer's bookshop.

"We are already going to do all the 'selfies'", but first the President of the Republic went to buy books. Or at least try.

Marcelo toured the bookstore, between laughs, "advised" Ondjaki's partner that opening a publishing house with a writer was a recipe for disaster, and he was choosing a book here, another there.
He paused and told the guys who were accompanying him to choose a book each.

"Do the President's discount," Ondjaki told a colleague. Asked by journalists how much this discount was, the writer replied that it was 25 percent.

The "Tio Celito discount" is also applicable to the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, but for the former head of state it was "36 percent", a reference to the nearly four decades of José Eduardo dos Santos in the presidency of the country.

The Portuguese President placed the books he had chosen on the counter, insisted on paying, despite the writer constantly saying that it was not necessary, and tried to use the ATM. He tried once, tried again, and once more. Unsuccessfully.

"The President has a lot of experience, he likes to go out to go to the ATM. We don't peek here, feel free," joked Ondjaki.

But the automatic payment terminal did not work, despite more attempts made by the head of state. A problem with the network was the most correct hypothesis, but the writer, continuing to joke with the Portuguese President, said that it was because his colleagues wanted to keep Marcelo just for themselves and were preventing the transaction.
Or, he said a little later, because in Portugal "there is no State Budget".

After several minutes, attempts and payment alternatives, the books were bought and Marcelo went to talk about culture and youth, surrounded by children and in an intimate environment.

From this meeting was the promise of a return, this time with the President of Angola, to enjoy the same discount as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

And there was still time to celebrate the writer's 44th birthday with a ginguba (peanut) cake.

"We want cake, we want cake", said the President of the Republic and, at the insistence, the cake came.

In this cultural space there were also several promises of Angolan cinema, including Fradique, director of the award-winning film "Ar Conditioning", as well as the Angolan production company Geração 80.

After this visit, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also stopped at the Portuguese embassy in Luanda to see the exhibition "BOANDA - Artistic Crossings between Portugal and Angola 2020/2021.

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