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Lawyer of young man killed in Luanda refuses autopsy without photographer

The family lawyer of the young man killed in Luanda, at the November 11 demonstration, refused to participate in the autopsy of the body because a photographer was not allowed to enter.


Speaking to Lusa, Zola Bambi said that the autopsy would be carried out this Friday morning, in the central morgue of the Josina Machel hospital, but it ended up not happening, as the representative of the Public Ministry did not allow a photographer to enter, as had been required.

"At no time were we told that the photographer could not be present", he stressed.

Innocent de Matos, a 26-year-old student, died following the demonstration last week, in circumstances yet to be clarified.

A report from the Américo Boavida hospital indicates that the young man arrived still alive and underwent surgical intervention, pointing to the cause of death as a head injury with a blunt object, but witnesses report that Innocent de Matos died on the spot after being hit by a bullet fired by the police.

Zola Bambi, representative of the family, said that he will sue the State and the Angolan police, and he is carrying out several measures, including the request for an independent autopsy in the face of "suspicions" about the official version.

"If there are doubts about the first autopsy, it is essential for us to have images of the body. As they did not allow the photographer to enter, we requested that, at least, he could take pictures of the body before the autopsy, but they did not. So the team decided not to proceed with the autopsy, "said the lawyer, adding that he filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

"We want an explanation, let's wait for the order," said Zola Bambi.

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, the PGR confirmed that it had received the complaint and that it ordered "the second medical-legal attack", which was scheduled for the 19th, but was postponed due to a lack of attendance by the young man's family and his lawyer.
Zola Bambi said, however, that he had not been notified.

"The due diligence was rescheduled for 11/20/2020, in the presence of the above mentioned parties, the lawyer categorically refused to participate in the autopsy, as the entry of a photographer outside the forensic profession was not authorized", he said. the PGR, stressing that the photographer was not "qualified with technical and scientific knowledge to enable him to perform this task".

The PGR added that "in Case No. 11730/2020-DH, running legal procedures at the SIC, a corpse and autopsy examination was carried out on 13 November of this year, with the expertise having concluded the cause of death. : traumatic brain injury with fractured skull bones and brain injury, resulting from bodily injury with a blunt object ".

Zola Bambi told Lusa that the statement "shows that there is an interest in making what should be done transparently" impossible, and accused the PGR of divulging information that is under secrecy, seeking to consider the result of the first autopsy as valid.

The PGR concludes, in the statement, that "the corpse is available to the family for the performance of funeral funerals, ceasing any responsibility from the Public Ministry and the Criminal Investigation Service".