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Angola celebrates 45 years with unauthorized march and inauguration of nationalized hotel

This Wednesday Angola celebrates its 45th anniversary as an independent country with unauthorized demonstrations and the opening of a nationalized hotel in Luanda.


In terms of official ceremonies, conditioned due to the covid-19 pandemic, the 45 years of "Dipanda" started in Luanda at 07:00 am with the raising of the flag, at the Central Museum of the Angolan Armed Forces.

Two hours later, it is time for the deposit of a wreath at the Memorial Dr. António Agostinho Neto.

The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, opens the Intercontinental Hotel in Miramar at 10:00 am, nationalized in October because it was built using public funds and which now belongs entirely to Sonangol.

At the same time, young people and activists who promise to march to Largo 1.º de Maio (Largo da Independência), demanding better living conditions and local elections in 2021, should be heading to Largo de Santa Ana.

The Provincial Government of Luanda banned the march on the grounds of non-compliance with schedules, lack of addresses and the measures in force in the current situation of public calamity, but the organizers challenge the ban that they say has no legal basis and maintain the intention to take to the streets.

In other provinces, reports of arrests of activists and coordinators of similar protests arrive, and Interior Minister Eugénio Laborinho said on Monday in Benguela that security forces will not allow gatherings of more than five people, in compliance with the decree. presidential election that updated the public calamity situation.

"I do not guarantee [that there is no confrontation], as long as they respect the law ... and also public security", said the minister, stressing that, "peacefully, people are authorized, but they must respect the decree, gathering with more than five people is a violation ".

On 24 October, a demonstration called by the same organizers was strongly repressed by the police and ended in Luanda with the arrest of around 100 protesters, including journalists, who were released a week later.

In recent days, non-governmental organizations and opposition parties have highlighted the right of people to speak out, while the authorities and representatives of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), speak of inciting violence and disorder and multiplying appeals. to social peace and patriotism.

President João Lourenço criticized on Tuesday who is taking political advantage of the current world situation, "which was not created by good or bad action by governments", recalling that the measures adopted are intended to save lives.

João Lourenço, who was speaking at a ceremony to honor the professional categories that have stood out in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, stressed that the measures that the executive determined in the current presidential decree "aim to save the lives of Angolans, and therefore , must be accepted by the citizens ".

The Political Bureau of the MPLA, on the other hand, urged Angolans to participate "in a patriotic way" in activities commemorating the 45 years of the country's independence.

"Social and political stability are inalienable assets that have been hard won with sweat, blood and tears consented to by the best children of our beloved homeland," said the ruling party body.


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