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Kyaku Kyadaff launches project to show young people "how to make money making music"

Singer Kyaku Kyadaff will create a music workshop in solidarity that will aim to show "young culture makers how to make money by making music".


"I want to present to young people that those who do their songs well, their compositions, can please people's hearts and, in turn, obtain financial profits," explained the singer, in statements to Angop.

For the musicians to be successful it is necessary that they know the culture of their country and that they master the national languages. Kyaku Kyadaff considered that, on an international level, the African singers most valued by the public are those who care about cultural identity, exemplifying that the singer Bonga and the Congolese Lukuakanza are examples of this.

This year, between June and August, the workshop was implemented in an experimental way in Luanda. Young people between the ages of 20 and 35 participated in this phase.

After the experimental phase, the "Oficina de música com Kyaku Kyadaff" (in english: "Music Workshop with Kyaku Kyadaff"), which has the support of Academia Bahia, will be developed during next year.

The singer also revealed that the workshop may have the participation of musicians from Mozambique and Cape Verde, and for now contacts are being made with the Cape Verdean singer Lura, he added.

The Angolan artist is 38 years old and entered the world of music at 30. Born in Zaire, Kyaku Kyadaff has already won some awards, such as the Top of the Most Loved, in 2018, and the trophy for Best Lusophone Artist in the 5th edition of African Music Magazine Awards and Music Festival.