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Angosat-2 route is being controlled by an Angolan team

The trajectory of the Angosat-2 satellite is being controlled by a team of Angolans, from the Satellite Control and Emission Center, in the commune of Funda, province of Luanda, informed the minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication, Mario Oliveira.


Speaking this Thursday, as part of a visit to the Angolan embassy in Russia, the holder of the Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication portfolio explained that the analysis of the Angosat-2's behavior is not limited to to the team that is in Russia, with a team of national staff at Funda "watching" the route of the device.

"The satellite is having its expected nominal behavior, this is information that the telemetry it has sent to Earth has been analyzed both by Russian teams and by our technical team that is not limited to the team that is here in Russia", began by referring to Mário Oliveira, in statements to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA).

"We have a team at Funda and at this very moment it is they who have been looking at the behavior of the satellite, it is our Angolan staff who are looking primarily at the behavior of the satellite", he added.

Regarding the team on national soil that is monitoring the satellite, the minister, quoted by RNA, also said that it has "support from Russian teams both at the Baikonur cosmodrome, as well as here in Moscow".

The launch of the satellite took place on Wednesday, at 8 pm local time (4 pm in Angola), at the Baikonur aerospace station, in Kazakhstan. Since then, Angosat-2 has normally made its journey towards position 23E of geostationary space.

This is the second time the country has put a satellite into orbit, after launching Angosat-1 in 2017. This first satellite lost contact with Earth after entering orbit, thus being replaced by Angosat-2.


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