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Angolan athletics on the rise in the international scene

Zenildo dos Santos

Athlete, marathon runner and communication and image consultant

Marathon, as an athletics discipline, is a long-distance or long-distance race, carried out partially or completely off the track, that is, on the road. It is a race that involves great physical resistance, and its route is established at 42 kilometers and 195 meters.


The oldest annual marathon race has been held since 1897, on Patriot's Day in Boston, United States.

In 2022, more than 24 thousand athletes participated in this event (1% of the total population of Luanda) from various countries around the world. The competition distributed more than $800,000 between participants and the winners took home from $150 to $25,000 US dollars.

In Angola, there are no official records of road trials over 21.1 kilometers in distance.

However, the modality grew exponentially during the pandemic period. Many Angolans showed great concern about their health which led to an increase in the practice of sports and the creation of many racing groups.

At this time of year, thousands of professional and amateur track and field athletes around the world complete their training in preparation for marathon events this fall 2022.

In Angola, through the running groups, Amigos do Asfalto, Bichos do Mato, Caminhada do Kilamba, Amigos da Corrida de Benguela, Luanda Runners, Kufukula, Team, Mama Muxima, Team Okupuluka, among others, several athletes prepare to make people feel the presence of the country that already has more than 50 athletes registered with the desire to show the Angolan potential and help to blaze new paths for a class of elite long-distance runners who can compete at an international level like the well-known Kenyans and Ethiopians.

Considering the large number of people (more than 138 thousand athletes) that international marathons mobilize, such as the Berlin, Chicago, London, Lisbon, Cape Town and Amsterdam Marathons, for example. It is evident that Angolan athletics can also serve as a socio-economic catalyst, enhancing tourism with activities throughout the national territory.

Strength to all athletes who will represent Angola around the world.

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