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Luanda governor visits 'Women's Market' destroyed by flames

After being consumed by a large fire last Saturday, the 'Mercado das Mulheres' hosted this Monday a visit by the Governor of Luanda, who sought to bring encouragement and motivation to the sellers.


The commercial area, located in the urban district of 11 de Novembro, municipality of Cazenga, was almost entirely destroyed by the flames.

Aware of the desolation that hovers with the merchants, who found themselves without their jobs and without merchandise, Ana Paula de Carvalho wanted to see up close the material damage and emotional damage caused by the fire.

The official was willing to seek joint solutions in order to minimize the situation, advancing that, according to preliminary reports, the damage will be considerable: some estimates even reach 40 million kwanzas. She also highlighted the importance of activating insurance.

A statement from the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL) to which VerAngola had access states that "the National Fire Service continues to work to investigate the true causes of the disaster".

The Governor, accompanied by the deputy governor for the Political and Social sector, Dionisio da Fonseca, entered the atrium, which was under intense fire for ten hours. "Ash and black mark the scene of that place where several products are sold", reports the GPL.

In the end, the Governor left a word of hope to traders, stating that she will do everything possible to minimize the effects of the situation.

Known as 'Praça das Mulheres' or 'Mercado das Mulheres', the space housed more than 600 small stores – mostly managed by women – for the sale of bags, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and food.

It was considered one of the main assets for the informal economy of the Municipality of Cazenga, operating every day, with the exception of Mondays.