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Professo do Sambizanga confirms two-month debt to players and coaches

The deputy coordinator of the Progresso do Sambizanga management committee, Manuel Dias dos Santos, confirmed the existence of two months of wage arrears for footballers and coaches of the team.


The official said that it is a debt to 12 players and coaches left by the previous management committee of the club, but that, in due course, will be resolved.

Manuel Dias dos Santos also mentioned that, during the current administration, the club has not contracted any debt with players and coaches.

The reaction comes after the players' alleged refusal to train, as well as the alleged threat of strike, due to the liability, putting at risk the performance of Saturday's game against Recreativo do Libolo, coached by Paulo Torres, regarding the fourth round of the national football championship.

The club, while recognizing the debt, denied that the players have stopped work or that it intends to go on strike.

The team's coach, Paulo Dias, said that this Thursday the players worked on the physical aspect and the prevention of injuries in Luanda.

Lusa tried to listen to some players, without success.

Progresso also has liabilities to settle with administrative employees who have been without salaries for four months, as well as game bonuses with players and coaches.

The club was recently banned from hiring new players, by order of FIFA, due to a debt of 23,000 dollars to former Ghanaian player Raphael Obeng, who played for the team.