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Electoral registration in hard-to-reach areas starts on 23 October

The authorities announced that the electoral registration process in person, “in inhospitable areas and without the coverage of the Identity Card (BI)”, will start on October 23, with the launch of 256 more branches.


The information was transmitted by the national director of the Official Registry, Fernando Paixão.

The official was speaking to journalists within the scope of a national meeting of "Supervision of the In-person Electoral Registration and of Electoral Civic Education promoted this Wednesday, in Luanda, by the National Electoral Commission (CNE).

At least 84 BUAP are in operation in Angola, since the 23rd of last September, and the updating of the unofficial register of senior citizens is taking place there, via the BI, taking into account the general elections scheduled for 2022.

According to the official, "in some inhospitable areas, far from the center of the provinces", the BUAP will already operationalize the registration in person to respond to citizens who do not have an identity card.

"And here, we are saying in those areas without BI coverage that young people who, in 2017, did not have active electoral capacity can go to the BUAP and then promote their electoral registration in person", explained Fernando Paixão.

"And it is on this segment, the face-to-face electoral registration, in which the supervision of the CNE acts is focused, we want to say that the rule is the unofficial registration and the in-person registration is an exception to the rule in those areas that do not have BI services coverage ", he stressed.

Fernando Paixão also said that by December, 596 BUAPs should be installed in Angola, namely 256 on the 23rd of this month, equal to the number on December 23, which will be added to the 84 already in operation.

The Government, through the Ministry of Territory Administration, manager of the electoral registration, plans to update the registration of 12 million citizens with active electoral capacity, with a view to the 2022 suffrage.

As of January 5, 2022, stressed the national director of the Official Registry, the process of updating the residence of approximately 400 thousand Angolan citizens residing abroad begins, through the BI, who must vote for the first time in 2022.

Abroad "there will be no unofficial registration, but the updating of the residence of Angolan citizens through the BI, therefore from January 5th our fellow citizens will present themselves at diplomatic missions presenting the BI", he explained.

"And in this way (the citizen) will confirm their residence, so what is thought to be done abroad is not a registration itself, we are not going to assign a voter's card, but rather update the residence of our citizens", he concluded.

The updating of the residency of Angolans abroad should take place in 76 diplomatic missions spread across 57 countries.