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João Lourenço highlights the importance of business dynamics with Turkey for the economy

The President of the Republic highlighted the “important dynamics in the movement of Turkish and Angolan companies”, considering that it will have a significant value for economic growth and job creation.


João Lourenço, who was speaking in the Council of Ministers room of the Presidential Palace, where his Turkish counterpart Recep Erdogan was also present, considered that, thanks to this dynamic, there is a "strong probability" of the credit line announced in Ankara on the occasion of the visit he made to Turkey three months ago, come to work in the near future, as it is "an important instrument to support the increase of Turkish investment in Angola".

Addressing Erdogan, the chief executive said that he wants to have the support of Turkish experience and influence, which is one of the most important economies in the Eurasia region, and addressed the legal instruments signed by the two delegations that "will have an unquestionable specific weight" in the strengthening and intensification of bilateral relations.

"I think that these events clearly signal the political will of each of our Governments to create an environment of security and predictability for the business being carried out between both countries", underlined the President, praising the potential for cooperation and business that the two countries, "which little knew each other," discovered.

João Lourenço also spoke about the responsibilities of Turkey and Angola in promoting initiatives that guarantee peace, security and stability at the level of the regions in which they are located, and which have a global impact.

"We are concerned, in light of this, the growing escalation of tension that is observed in various regions of the planet and, above all, the armed conflicts that are taking place in Africa and the Middle East, which require an enormous effort from the international community, to that, under the norms of international law, the pertinent resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations and in strict observance of the principle of dialogue, real, concrete and functional initiatives are promoted, aimed at its definitive resolution", he stressed.

In this context, "Angola has done its part through initiatives undertaken within the framework of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (CIRGL) and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), in order to contribute to peace and stability in these sub-regions," continued João Lourenço.

The Head of State therefore expressed his commitment "to sensitize the parties to the conflict, in order to build a solid understanding between all".