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CASA-CE parliamentary leader considers tedious state of the nation speech

The leader of the parliamentary bench of CASA-CE, the second largest opposition force, this Friday considered the state of the nation speech of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, "very tedious, which does not fit the form of modern governance" .


Alexandre Sebastião André reacted, in statements to Lusa news agency, to the assessment made by the President on the state of the nation, at the opening ceremony of the new legislative year.

For the president of the parliamentary group of the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola - Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE), the speech did not meet all the expectations of the citizens, stressing that the country is moving towards general elections, with the political agenda having local elections, for which a timetable must be found.

"Because, taking into account the process of decentralization of political power, the realization of local authorities is one of the priorities precisely to be able to bring governance closer to the citizens. Since there was still no timetable, we again throw the approach of this governance into an uncertain future", he said.

On the other hand, the deputy criticized the priority given at this time to the administrative division, opining that the creation of new provincial governments "is just an embarrassment in the realization of the great problems of the population".

"We understand that it is not with the creation of new provincial governments, that is, new provinces, that we are going to do justice to the great problems of the population. It is rather the transfer of powers to the municipalities, then yes, and more opening up of roads communication, which has also been an obstacle to people's mobility," he said.

Alexandre Sebastião André reiterated that the current priority in Angola is not the creation of new provinces, but the creation of local authorities, and the opening of communication routes to ensure mobility and ease of travel to the different municipalities.