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Sonangol completes oil pipeline to carry fuel to 4 de Fevereiro International Airport

A pipeline that will allow the transport of Jet A1 fuel from the oil company's facilities directly to the depots at the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport was recently completed.

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According to Sonangol, the pipeline is under "conventional experimental pressure" and translates into another goal outlined and achieved by the company.

Cited by the September edition of the newspaper "Pacaça", the company said that the oil pipeline will help with its bills, as the wear and tear on fuel vehicles will be reduced due to the reduction in the number of fuel transport trips.

According to the publication, the project is part of the "great achievements" under the responsibility of Sonangol's Distribution and Commercialization Business Unit, which also intends to expand and reactivate the lubricant factory, terminal and railway line in Moxico, among others.