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Samakuva asks João Lourenço to talk to the UNITA leadership

The former leader of UNITA, Isaías Samakuva, asked the President of the Republic this Monday to dialogue with the leadership of his party, with the aim of overcoming several situations, namely the holding of municipal elections.


Isaías Samakuva was speaking to the press at the end of an audience granted by the head of state, dominated by the latest events on Saturday, the day when the police thwarted the attempt to demonstrate by a group of young people from civil society and which was supported by leaders of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA).

"Once again, in these cases, the doors to dialogue should be open. I asked the President of the Republic to try to contact the UNITA leadership directly, it is important to clarify some situations", said Isaías Samakuva.

The former leader of the country's second political force also called for "those in jail to be released".

Following the confrontation between the demonstrators and the police, 103 people were arrested, including UNITA leaders, who were present on Monday at the Luanda Provincial Court, Dona Ana Joaquina, accused by the Government of having committed acts of arrogance and disobedience.

According to the Secretary of State of the Ministry of the Interior for Technical Assurance, Salvador Rodrigues, the demonstration resulted, in addition to the arrests, in six wounded policemen and the destruction of various police means. The minister also regretted the demonstrators' arson acts.

For Isaías Samakuva, the release of detainees "will contribute to a greater opening of dialogue".

The politician stressed that only dialogue can bring "understanding between Angolans, which can help to overcome various situations".

"Which go as far as, I would say, to prevent those issues that appear to be controversial, such as the issue of municipalities, for example, from being understood by everyone. Everyone really knows what they are going to do", considered.