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"Top dos Mais Queridos" remembered the history of national music and honored Givago

This year's edition of "Top of the Most Beloved" was marked by a different show than the other editions due to the covid-19 pandemic. The gala, which was broadcast last Friday on television and radio, had no audience present and the dearest artist and band were not elected either.

: Platinaline

The gala was opened by Banda Maravilha, who interpreted the theme "Hymn of RNA". With a duration of about two hours, the gala highlighted and recalled great themes from the musical history of the country. At the end of the event, the artists decided to go on stage and surprise the viewers with a tribute to the singer Givago, who died last Thursday.

The stage of "Top dos Mais Queridos" sounded several songs that marked the last 45 years of the country, thus marking the anniversary of National Independence. The musical memories were interpreted by several names in the musical universe of the country: Virgílio Fire, Rey Webba, Yannick Afroman, Toy Salgueiro, Jorge Mulumba, Gelson Castro, Moniz de Almeida, Puto Prata, Sabino Henda, Dom Caetano, Mister K, Massoxi, Emanuel Mendes, Kintino, Teddy N'Singuy, Kyaku Kyadaff, Ivan Alekxei, Roxane Fernandez, António Paulino, Zoca Zoca, Cilana Manjenje, Walter Ananaz, Kanda and others were responsible for paying a tribute to national music.

In addition, the artists came together in one voice to honor Givago, the singer who died last Thursday. According to the Jornal de Angola, the artists performed the themes "Avó Teté" and "Ramiros", two of Givago's greatest themes.

"RNA's contribution to the production, promotion and dissemination of Angolan music over several decades" was the theme of this year's contest. An event, promoted by RNA-EP, which aims to distinguish the most heard songs in its channels.