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Associação Minuto Verde – Quercus ANG arrives in Angola determined “to protect the planet from degradation”

The Minuto Verde Association – Quercus ANG arrived in Angola to combat climate change and its impacts. In this sense, the environmental association already has its hands full and is preparing a conference on “Environmental Health and Development in Angola”, to be held next month.

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Based in Luanda, in the urban district of Maianga, the association concerns a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was created by a group of free citizens who decided to organize themselves and fight against climate change and its impacts, conserve the environment, as well as raise awareness among citizens about promoting sustainable development.

However, the question remains: how did the initiative get started? According to the association, in an interview with VerAngola, the process took place "under the leadership of its founder and president of the NGO, Rafael Lucas, who invited other people focused on noble and very important causes for the sustainable development of Angola".

As it is an environmental association, its purpose is to address environmental problems. The list of problems to combat includes, according to the association, "excessive hunting and fishing, poor residual management, deforestation, waste of water, energy and food, pollution of soil, rivers and seas, atmospheres, fires, lack of oversight in management waste, climate change and the circular economy", among others.

However, currently priorities include pollution of soil, rivers and seas, atmospheres and climate change, refers the association to VerAngola.

In terms of objectives, they say they are "determined to protect the planet from degradation, above all through sustainable consumption and production, sustainable management of its natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change, so that it can support the needs of generations present and future".

Furthermore, the association also says that they intend to "ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality", in a healthy environment.

Aiming to "promote a space for discussion and learning regarding issues of environmental education and values for sustainable societies, open to all interested parties", the association states that its work is at a national level and that it has in mind the implementation of actions concrete in all provinces of the country, by working "in line" with its existing centers in the provinces of Benguela, Huíla, Huambo, Bié and Cuando Cubango.

In the range of activities, the highlight is the holding of a conference on the theme "Environmental Health and Development in Angola".

"In the month of October we intend to hold a conference on the theme "Environmental Health and Development in Angola", which will take place at the Mediateca 28 de Agosto, in Luanda, and which will be taught by experts in the field of environment and public health. We are creating all the conditions to make this event happen. It is our intention to also carry out this exercise in the other provinces where we are represented", adds, speaking to VerAngola.

It should be noted that the project was created in partnership with Quercus Portugal and Cape Verde, which intend to extend this organization to the PALOP, CPLP and SADC. In this regard, Minuto Verde – Quercus ANG states that it will play "an extremely important role", as it will make its "contributions on the defense of the environment in Angola and the policies outlined by the State on climate change".

Regarding possible partnerships with the Government, the association says that they have already thought about it, but so far they have not been contacted by the Angolan Executive.

Fundador e presidente da ONG

Fundador e presidente da ONG


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