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Minister of Education and Governor of Luanda make joint visit to schools in the capital

With the aim of verifying the level of organization and functioning of several schools in the capital, the Minister of Education, Luísa Grilo, and the Governor of the Province of Luanda, Ana Paula de Carvalho, carried out, this Wednesday, a joint visit to several educational establishments in Luanda.


A note published on Facebook by the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL) states that Luísa Grilo and Ana Paula de Carvalho met at the GPL's headquarters, where they held a brief meeting with municipal administrators. Then, the two governors began the joint visit to the schools.

The minister and governor visited schools located in the district of Ingombota, namely, "Primary School 1214, ex-1099, with seven classrooms, 339 students from initiation to sixth grade, 13 teachers and which works in two shifts (morning and afternoon), where the biosafety system installed for the prevention of covid-19 was observed and how the educational process is carried out; the Public School of the First Cycle 1201, ex-1100, which has 15 classrooms, and the Polytechnic Institute Alda Lara, with 22 classrooms and three thousand students, teaches electricity, civil construction and computer courses for 10th and 13th grade students."

The visit of the governors also stopped at Lyceum 1230 "22 Novembro" – which has 18 classrooms and where students from the 10th, 11th and 12th grades study – "the delegation interacted with some of the students who presented works practical".

The last stop was at the "school of the I Cycle Nzinga Bande for 7th, 8th and 9th grade students", which has "180 teachers, 42 classrooms, only 32 of which are working in three shifts and 4140 students study there".

According to the note, the governors, in each of the teaching establishments, also checked "the state of the infrastructure and evaluated the fulfillment of preventive measures against covid-19, namely the use of masks", having found that , in general, the schools have the biosafety conditions created.

On the occasion, Luísa Grilo admitted that the capital "has been the most complex province for her portfolio from the point of view of organization and management of school institutions, despite being small in terms of territory".

"Although it is very close to the Ministry, at times it seems that it is further away and we really want to reduce this distance so that together we can overcome the various problems that arise in Luanda Province," she said, cited in the note.

Ana Paula de Carvalho, meanwhile, underlined that her administration aims to reduce the number of students outside the education system as well as help improve the quality of education.