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Governor of Cuando Cubango criticizes “installed mafia” that exploits Angolan wood

The governor of the province of Cuando Cubango admitted the existence of a mafia in the exploitation of timber, which involves nationals and citizens of Asian origin.


"In fact, there is a mafia in wood, which is very ramified and passes through us Angolans and will end up in people from Asia and there is no desire for organization here," said Júlio Bessa, speaking to the radio.

According to the governor of Cuando Cubango, whenever the authorities take a measure, "some voices are raised, in the sense of contradicting it."

"But what we've been saying is that it doesn't scare us, I'm not afraid of these people, I've been a very open person, I've met frequently with partners, with the association of loggers and we're kind of totally open in this regard," stressed.

Júlio Bessa stressed that "the ideas are clear" and has argued that, like the oil sector, concessions must be made.

"This is the point of view of the Cuando Cubango government. Oil companies compete for a bloc, if they win they are in bloc 2, 32 or 34, it has to be like that here too," he stressed.

The excessive exploitation of wood in several provinces, especially in the east of the country, has been denounced for several years, and in 2018, the Government blamed the exploitation of wood by foreigners on Angolan citizens.

In 2018, the Secretary of State for Forest Resources, André Moda, said that the presence of foreign citizens in the exploration of this natural resource "is due to the behavior of the national citizen himself", through the practice of transferring the exploration license.