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President denies being on electoral campaign during visit to Kwanza Norte

João Lourenço denied being on an electoral campaign, during a work trip to Kwanza Norte, assuring that visits to the provinces are part of his proximity governance program.


"This visit was postponed twice, it finally happened. It is my intention to do the same throughout the country, to go through all the provinces. This has nothing to do with either the campaign or the pre-campaign, we are a year away of the elections, it is too early to talk about these issues," João Lourenço told reporters, on the last day of his visit to Cuanza Norte.

"It's something I've been doing since the beginning of the mandate, which is the so-called proximity governance in which, on the spot, we debate with the authorities the main problems that afflict the populations of each of the provinces. And many of the solutions are found during these visits similar to what happened in other provinces", continued the head of State, thus explaining the purpose of the visit.

João Lourenço said that he will "continue to work to minimize the difficulties that still affect the populations" and commented on the decision of state channels TPA and TV Zimbo to stop covering activities of the main opposition party, UNITA, calling for dialogue.

Televisions "is that they felt the intolerance of a certain political party, felt the lives of its journalists, its professionals, at stake, in danger, and reacted in the way that we have all seen", said the President, recalling that the decision not to cover more UNITA shares was left to the "offended, in this case the media".

The President did not comment on the return of his predecessor, José Eduardo dos Santos, who arrived in Luanda on Tuesday after more than two years of absence, after João Lourenço started an anti-corruption campaign in 2017, in which some of those targeted they are family members or close associates of the former head of state, who ruled Angola for 38 years.