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Executive to open public tender for concession of Lobito railway corridor

The Government will open a tender for the concession of Corredor do Lobito, a rail corridor for international goods traffic starting in Porto do Lobito (Benguela).


"The expense and opening of the public tender to national and foreign entities is authorized to award the concession contract for the exploration, management and maintenance of the railway infrastructure for the general transport of ore, liquid and gas cargo", according to a presidential order to that Lusa had access to.

The diploma states that the promotion of private investment "is a key design" for the diversification of the Angolan economy and involves the dynamism of this transport infrastructure corridor to attract investors of reference "and" to leverage national exports ".

The Lobito Corridor integrates three countries - Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia - and it is intended to be one of the main axes of circulation of raw materials and goods in these territories that it crosses, and by the connection to the Port of Lobito, where much of international trade passes.

The main transport infrastructures that make up the Lobito Corridor are Porto do Lobito, Benguela Railway and Catumbela International Airport (Benguela).