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Price increase and minutes cut generate indignation among Movicel's clients

The changes that Movicel has decided to make in its tariffs have generated a wave of indignation among customers, who are unhappy with the rise in prices and the cut in minutes available. For example, customers who have the Karga plan and want to use the balance for a month will pay 10 thousand kwanzas, against the 7400 kwanzas charged previously.


The improvement in the network was the justification presented by Movicel, which considered that these changes make the plans more advantageous taking into account the Angolan market.

In a statement, quoted by Novo Jornal, the operator said that Angolans now have "unlimited free social networks, messenger without data expense. "In our market this facility is not found", they say.

However, the changes were not seen with good eyes by the customers. Many say they were taken by surprise by this decision and appeal to the telecom company to go back.

Francisco, Mantorras and Bebo are some of the customers who have shown discontent. In statements to Novo Jornal, street vendors say that these changes make it difficult to communicate with the family: "This is playing with the people. Movicel's plans already helped us a lot to talk to our families in the province and beyond. Now let's talk how?".

Domingos Alexandre, a member of the National Air Force, complains about the quality of the network and does not agree with the new values. "The network is no longer very good, it needs improvement. I don't understand how long it takes to pay to quadruple the monthly plans. This is a real abuse", he retorted, adding that "the best thing is to change operators".

Divaldo Gomes, 42, revealed to the same newspaper that since he came from Lisbon to Angola seven years ago, he has always used Movicel.

"I consulted the table that circulated on the Internet, about the new tariff, because I didn't believe. I called the customer support and was surprised by the negative when they confirmed me. I confess that the costs that are fixed have nothing to do with the messages that Movicel sent to the clients. The change you made only considered the profit and not the clients. This is a shame", he regretted, adding that the operator "spoiled what was right".

The Takuiá plan, for three days of balance, now costs 500 kwanzas and offers 20 minutes of voice calls to Movicel and 5 minutes to other networks. Previously the plan offered 30 minutes of voice to the same network and 10 minutes to other networks.

The Karga Bwé plan, the only one that provides a balance for 30 days, increased from 7400 kwanzas to 10,500, offering only 350 minutes for Movicel and 50 minutes for other networks, against the previous 1600 minutes and 160 minutes, respectively.

You can check Movicel's plans and tariffs here.

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