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Teachers accuse ministry of violating agreements and admit new “disagreements”

The National Union of Teachers of Angola (Sinprof) accused the Ministry of Education of not solving the problems of the teachers it supervises and disrespecting agreements, admitting new “disagreements” that previously led to strikes.

: Lusa

Sinprof's general secretary thus reacted to the announcement made on Thursday by the Minister of Education, Luísa Grilo, regarding the opening of a public tender to hire 11,000 new teachers.

For Admar Jinguma, this is good news insofar as the education system lacks many teachers – estimating that between 68 and 88 thousand new teachers are needed –, but it is also a "palliative response" that is far from real needs.

"Every year we have teachers who leave for another dimension of life or who reach the end of their working time", he noted, showing himself "disillusioned" with the Ministry of Education insofar as this contest will be carried out with the funds vacancies that were being generated in the system, due to deaths, retirement, transfers or dismissals.

"As time goes by, the need increases and the response that the system gives is incipient to cover the need", reinforced the union leader, regretting that the associated funds do not serve to solve the problem of teachers who are already in the system, but with incompatible salaries, some with salaries below 100,000 kwanzas.

"This was the commitment that the ministry assumed with Sinprof at the negotiating table, on December 15, 2022", he said, considering it "very serious" that the commitments are violated and stressing that the vacancies that the system generates "must serve to solve internal problems".

Admar Jinguma compared the situation of teachers with children who are born while others are not living well.

"It makes no sense to continue making new children when the ones we have are in a deficient condition", he stressed, adding that the ministry is repeating what it already did in 2020, when there were already 140,000 teachers with inadequate categories and 10,000 assistants were hired of cleaning.

The unionist said that the ministry is "more interested in hiring new teachers in a palliative way than in solving the glaring problems of teachers who are in the system with mismatched categories and careers".

"The ministry is never interested in solving the problems of the teachers it supervises and hires new teachers so that they have a better salary than those in the system", he criticized.

And he indicated that the month of October could bring the announcement of new stoppages, since "if there is a serious violation of what was agreed", the union will resort to the law.

"We are going to have a meeting of the collegiate body in October and certainly if the ministry does not correct the shot we may not have good news", he stressed.

"Sinprof advisers who will meet on October 29 will certainly have a firm position and we may be on the verge of repeating the disagreements we had last year in November and December", he warned, alluding to the strikes that took place in 2022.


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