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Costa Júnior: initiative to remove President “is to materialize”

The president of UNITA said this Saturday, in Luanda, that the initiative to remove the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, "is to materialize, it will not stand still".


Adalberto Costa Júnior spoke for an hour and a half to a crowd of people, who participated in a march, in honor of the founding leader of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Jonas Savimbi, on another birthday.

"What we are doing is nothing more than looking at the laws and using the country we have. They are trying to sell you the idea that the removal process is war, the removal process is instability, that is fear speaking, it is the lack of democracy speaking, it is the lack of preparation speaking", said the president of UNITA.

At issue is a proposal for an initiative for the prosecution and dismissal of the President that UNITA presented last month for allegedly having "subverted the democratic process in the country and consolidating an authoritarian regime that threatens peace".

In a speech, in which he highlighted the achievements of Jonas Savimbi, whose speeches are "not even a little outdated", the UNITA leader said that the act served as "a fair tribute to the founder", discussing his intervention also on the current situation of country.

"The democracy that fills everyone's mouth today, cost lives, cost enormous sacrifices and we cannot - no one can - claim that it does not have a hand, an extraordinary dedication from the founding leader of UNITA", he said.

And about these accomplishments, Vitória Sakaita Evangelista, daughter of Jonas Savimbi, present at the act on behalf of the family, told Lusa that "her father was a nationalist who thought about Angola and Angolans above all".

"Certainly, this is not the country he always dreamed of, hence the cause of his struggle", she added.

"It is a great honor and responsibility to represent the family here. In the past, my father's image was very tarnished, but today it is a great pride to see, in every corner of Angola, both older people, who were born before independence, and the who were born after my father died, in 2002, speak today of his prophecies, of everything that would happen if the Angolan did not take a stand in his own country", he said.

To UNITA supporters, Adalberto Costa Júnior spoke about concerns and challenges for the future, and about the "initiative that is marking our country's political agenda", as well as about the state of the country's economy and the need to hold local elections.

According to Adalberto Costa Júnior, the President of the Republic is elected to defend the people, on the contrary "the Constitution provides that for those who do not defend the people, removal is possible".

For the UNITA leader, "Angola has a future" and the problem affecting the country "is political, lack of dialogue, lack of transparency, lack of good governance".

"These experiences, with the initiatives we are taking, will leave a moral, we are sure that they will leave a moral, because men are intelligent and will learn and will change their behavior, I am sure, because the risk of success is there and Angola may even be moving towards having a woman as President of the Republic, it may, what is the problem? The need is for it to respect the Constitution and the law and serve its people", he underlined.

Adalberto Costa Júnior reiterated that the initiative to remove the President of the Republic "will bring a lot of change, a lot of improvement, a lot of gain", stressing that it can "succeed".

"And the proof that we are running that risk is the fear that is installed, the proof is the content of the news programs they are watching. They even went running to Jamba, digging, they are discovering mass graves, all the time . A little shame", said Adalberto Costa Júnior, referring to a delegation from the Commission for the Implementation of the Reconciliation Plan in Memory of the Victims of Political Conflicts (CIVICOP) that traveled to Jamba, province of Cuando Cubango, former stronghold of UNITA for a process of searching for bones of family members and former leaders of the largest opposition party.


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