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"Nosso Super" supermarkets are closing doors in the capital. Ministry of Commerce says it is not informed

For more than a week, some stores of the "Nosso Super" supermarket chain in the capital have been closed by the Zahara Group. Employees are fearful about the future and the Ministry of Trade and Industry says it is not informed about the closure of the stores.


So far four stores have been closed in Luanda. According to Valor Económico, the establishments in question are located in Zamba, Cacuaco, Sambizanga and Viana.

The doors were closed to the public, but the employees continue to work until at least August 15th. After this date, the employees should be dismissed.

According to the article in Valor Económico, there is a promise from the management company that the employees that are dismissed will be rehired in the future.

However, the employees are apprehensive: "We don't have much hope in this. We are afraid. It's our job. There is a lot of discontent and as everything is still we fear that other stores will close as well", said one of the employees to Valor Económico, who preferred not to be identified.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry says it has not been informed about the closing of stores. To the same newspaper, the Ministry said that the supermarkets are "managed by a management entity, whose contract is in force and runs until January 2022".

The ministry says that the management company "is responsible for the integrated management of all stores of the Nosso Super network and the contract does not provide for the closure of part of the stores," adding that "has not received any information to that effect".

According to Valor Económico, after the stores had closed their doors, some workers sought answers from the ministries of Commerce and Industry and Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, which only asked them to keep "calm" having been clarified that they had not been fired, but were suspended.

In 2016 the contract for the management and operation of the supermarket chain by the Zahara group came into effect. The partnership came at a time when some media were saying that "Nosso Super" had a shortage of products on its shelves and was laying off employees.