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Endiama concerned with achieving production targets set by the Government

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Endiama, defended the joining of efforts between companies in the sector to achieve the expected production targets, which are “a little short” due to covid-19.

: Osvaldo Silva (AFP)
Osvaldo Silva (AFP)  

José Ganga Júnior was speaking, in Dundo, capital of the province of Lunda Norte, at the opening of a biannual balance meeting of diamond production, with the business class, namely those dealing with production.

According to the official, the meeting expresses the desire to change the working paradigm, characterized by individual action.

"So far we've been acting a bit by ourselves, each for himself, we think we are a unique body, in which it is always important to promote interaction between us, even to come out stronger and stronger, to constitute ourselves only in a subsector, which is diamonds and we must actually constitute a family," he said.

The president of Endiama stressed that the current situation is "complicated" with the issue of covid-19, which affected everyone, hence the need to find joint solutions to overcome the difficulties, despite the specificities and realities of each company.

"We live in a complicated situation, the issue of covid, we have all been affected, we all have serious difficulties, although, each time, we have been reaching antibodies to overcome, but, of course, there is a lot that can be shared between us", stressed.

According to José Ganga Júnior, companies have the challenge of working to achieve the development goals defined by the Government for this governance mandate, which ends in 2022.
"We have a very big challenge, in terms of the diamond subsector for 2022. Everyone knows what the development goals were defined by the Government for this governance mandate, we will have to work to reach around 13.8 million carats there. , with a turnover of around 1.5 billion dollars," he said.

The covid-19 pandemic forced adjustments, said José Ganga Júnior, adding that most participants in the sector, "or almost all, have difficulties in meeting the targets set".

"But, however, we think that we are already able to live with covid, everyone says that covid is here to stay, we have to adjust, so it's time for us, together, to see what mechanisms we can use to make up for lost time about the production targets, which are a bit short, so that we can do our best and comply with what has been established," he said.

The initial meeting, held with only six companies, served to clarify doubts, share experiences and recommendations.

José Ganga Júnior considered it important that in the first 15 days of November they are in a position to take stock of the last months of the year "and, fundamentally, to plan life in 2022, the plans, the programs".

"The intention is that between November and the first half of December we will hold general meetings with the partners of all companies, in order to take stock of what 2021 was, but basically see what we are going to do" , he added.


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